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Selling your WoW Classic GOLD to us is the best choice. We offer both - best prices, various payment methods, instant payment, friendly livechat staff!

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Looking to sell World of Warcraft Classic gold for real money? We are constantly looking for WOW Classic gold farmers worldwide. Offering instant payment after receiving gold via paypal, skrill, bitcoins, western union.

Before you sell your Gold of WoW Classic

WoW Gold Classic gold always fluctuates, for that reason we can't set a fixed price. Gold prices of WoW gold fluctuate due to supply and demand, basic principle of economics. Since we can't measure adequate amount of gold in the market and each server, price can't be stable. Please click button "chat with us" to figure out ongoing rates and desired payemnt methods. Make sure to be able transfer gold using 3 methods:

  • a) Gold transfer using Auction House:
  • In order to sell WoW Classic Gold through auction house, you often place an order with auction item to be bought, it is one of the safest methods to sell your WoW Classic coins, since AH is free to use for everyone, it would take significant amount of effort for Blizzard team to figure out your motivation.

  • b) Gold transfer meeting Face to Face
  • c) Gold transfer using Mailbox

Why would I want to sell my WoW Classic Gold?

There are few strong answers for this question. Firstly you can make extra real life money when selling WoW Classic gold. We have plenty of WoW classic game players, who at the same time enjoy playing and making some extra cash on the side. Our suppliers make enough to live from sold WoW Gold. Simple as that, just figure out a way to farm gold and we will provide you with safest transaction when it comes to exchanging WoW Classic Gold for USD.

Process of Selling WoW Classic Gold

First of all, for you to sell your WoW Gold you will need to fill five fields. Choose your region server, game server, class and amount of gold you wish to sell. Select your wanted payment method and after clicking button "Sell now" you will be redirected to our friendly operating and well experienced livechat staff.

For our Future WoW Classic Gold Sellers

Most of the time we supply our customers ourselves, but there are expectations where our supplier will need to do direct trade with customer of ours. For such trade to happen successfully we will need to receive screen shot from our gold farmer to guarantee trade which occured. After getting confirmation from both ends that deal has been completed, payment for your virtual goods will take no longer than 5 minutes! Our WoW Classic Gold Shop is open 24/7, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Our friendly livechat staff will take care of you! If we are unable to purchase your World of Warcraft Classic gold at some moment, please leave your email so we can contact you and keep you updated.

    WoW Classic Servers we deal with:

    WoW Classic US PvP Realms - Eastern

    Benediction, Faerlina, Deviant Delight RP-PvP, Herod, Incendius, Kirtonos, Kromcrush, Netherwind, Herod, Incendius, Kirtonos, Kromcrush, Skeram, Stalagg, Sulfuras, Thalnos.

    WoW Classic US PvP Realms - Pacific

    Anathema, Bigglesworth, Blaumeux, Grobbulus RP-PVP, Fairbanks, Kurinaxx, Rattlegore, Smolderweb, Thunderfury, Whitemane.

    WoW Classic US PvE Realms - Eastearn

    Ashkandi, Bloodsail Buccaneers RP, Mankrik, Pagle, Westfall, Windseeker.

    WoW Classic US PvE Realms Pacific

    Atiesh, Azuresong, Myzrael, Old Blanchy.

    WoW Classic EU PvP Realms English

    Ashbringer, Bloodfang, Dreadmist, Firemaw, Flamelash, Gandling, Gehennas, Golemagg, Judgement, Mograine, Noggenfogger, Razorgore, Shazzrah, Skullflame, Stonespine, Ten Storms, Zandalar Tribe RP-PVP.

    WoW Classic EU PvP Realms

    Amnennar, Sulfuron, Finkle, Dragon's Call, Lucifron, Patchwerk, Transcendence, Venoxis, Flamegor (Пламегор), Rhok'Delar (РокДелар), Wyrmthalak (Змейталак).

    WoW Classic EU PvE Realms English

    Hydraxian Waterlords RP, Mirage Raceway, Nethergarde Keep, Pyrewood Village.

      We are constantly searching for original Blizzard WoW Classic Gold Farmers on all realms & regions ( US , EU , AU ).