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Wow Classic Gold Shop

Looking to buy WoW Classic gold cheapest? Our Classic gold shop deals with one of the most popular MMORPG games available today. We are here to make WoW classic experience more enjoyable, no more gold shortage issues. When buying our gold WoW classic, you can avoid learning primary & secondary professions just to get some starting gold, grinding and obtaining herbs, skins or other substances which later will be also a challenge to sell. It is always easier to buy gold world of warcraft classic from StakeGP. We have multiple ways to exchange WoW Classic Gold :

You can buy WoW Classic Gold through auction house unfortunately we won't be able to cover auction fees and if you don't wish to pay for auction fees we have other alternatives such as buying wow classic gold when meeting face to face and last but not least Mail box. At all times we will need your WoW classic name and to set a particular location for the exchange. Purchase WoW classic gold with ease, it has never been this easy with us available 24/7.

Process of Buying WoW Classic Gold

To start off , we congratulate you on making great decision by choosing StakeGP to buy WoW Classic Gold Safe. We care about our customers safety more than anything, here is few quick tips how to purchase and claim your safe WoW classic gold.

Choose your region to buy WoW Classic Gold

Select one of two groups:

Horde - orcs, tauren and trolls & Alliance - dwarves, gnomes , night elves.

Kindly insert desired amount of gold you wish to purchase and choose wanted delivery method, our most popular transfer method is auction house and face to face.

When you have filled out the details, the time has come to checkout. You are even free to buy wow classic gold for PayPal and more than 10 other payment methods. We do -8% discount for cryptocurrency purchases, you can get best deal when buying WoW classic gold with bitcoin.

How to buy wow classic gold without getting banned

There is no guaranteed method or a secret not to get banned when buying gold on WoW classic servers, however we have few steps to reduce the ban risk when you wish to buy safe wow classic gold.

Use Auction House to transfer gold to another character

You simply list an item for gold seller to purchase, this is a great way to reduce ban risk and stay under radar. Downside of Auction House (AH) are high fees which vary from 5 to 15 per purchase (depending which auction is being used). Longer waiting time to receive your gold, average time is 1 hour after your item listen on AH has been bought.

Avoid using level 1 accounts when purchasing WoW classic gold

We highly recommend not to use mules when buying WoW classic gold. It is always safer to receive gold with your original account, than with the one that has been created 30 minutes ago and suddenly receives hundread gold from anonymous player.

Buy safe wow classic gold, know your seller!

Our team provides clean gold which has been farmed by real WoW classic players who actually play the game and not gold farmers when one person owns large gold farm which provides resellers gold for more than 10 servers. We always keep our business clean and appreciate hard work put on our customer's WoW classic accounts. We are here to help you have best experience when buying wow classic gold, not to risk your accounts having banned and never return to our website to buy more gold.

Servers and Regions

We are proud to announce that we take care of every server and region, sometimes deliveries can take up to 4 hours, the longer you wait the more bonus gold you will be awarded with for slowed down service, here is a list of servers we take care of regardless it is horde or alliance.

WOW Classic Gold (EU realm) Europe region

Amnennar, Ashbringer, Auberdine, Bloodfang, Chromie, Dragon's Call, Dreadmist, Finkle, Everlook, Firemaw, Flamegor, Flamelash, Gandling, Gehennas, Golemagg, Hydraxian Waterlords, Judgement, Lakeshire, Lucifron, Mirage Raceway, Mograine, Nethergarde Keep, Noggenfogger, Patchwerk, Pyrewood Village, Razorfen, Razorgore, Rhok'delar, Shazzrah, Skullflame, Stonespine, Sulfuron, Ten Storms, Transcendence, Venoxis, Wyrmthalak, Zandalar Tribe.

WOW Classic Gold (US realm) United States region

Anathema, Ashkandi, Atiesh, Azuresong, Benediction, Bigglesworth, Blaumeux, Bloodsail Buccaneers, Deviate Delight, Faerlina, Fairbanks, Grobbulus, Herod, Incendius, Kirtonos, Kromcrush, Kurinnaxx, Mankrik, Myzrael, Netherwind, Old Blanchy, Pagle, Rattlegore, Skeram, Smolderweb, Stalagg, Sulfuras, Thalnos, Thunderfury, Westfall, Whitemane, Windseeker.

WOW Classic GOLD (Oceanic realm) Oceanic region

Remulos, Arugal, Felstriker, Yojamba.

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