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It's simple, fast and safe selling Osrs gold to us! We will offer you the best rate available on the market daily. If you find yourself spending too much time on the game, why not enjoy and make some real life money on the side? You can buy yourself a present, pay a bill or a night out by playing your favorite game by selling Osrs gold for real money! It is amazing when you can gold farm for a day and make some real life money to spend.

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Is StakeGP really the best place to Sell your OSRS Gold?

Selling OSRS Gold is not always easy and to satisfy the vast majority of customers you must have many payment methods available, good understanding on how bans work to keep our suppliers safe, work 24/7 hours a day to support countries worldwide. StakeGP is an experienced company when it comes to selling Osrs Gold. We don’t want to be seen by Jagex employees so our customers can sell us more gold.

We have thousands of feedback on various platforms such as and, out of 4000 reviews you will not find a single one negative mentioning about accounts being banned.

Our prices are the best compared in the Osrs gold trading market. 

We also provide high-quality customer service which can be seen via our 24/7 live chat. Our employees will solve any problem, deal with any amount of gold you have for sale and settle payments after gold delivery. 

Our  massive variety of payment methods will keep you satisfied. Long years of experience never lie. 

What is the process of selling your OSRS gold to us?

Choose the amount of gold you wish to sell preferred payment method and your choice of game currency

Start a chat button which will open a live chat window with one of our website representatives.

Lastly, we will need your payment details to send your money for the goods. Sending payments usually take no longer than 5-10 minutes.

Many payment methods to offer worldwide for your OSRS gold

Are you from such countries as Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia? We have payment methods such as Mercantil, Banesco, Mercantil, Provincial, Bancolombia and others. Various other banks are available with a fee of 5% from the whole transaction sum (only for bank transfers).

How to sell Runescape gold safely

Selling Runescape Gold is very safe but it can be very dangerous if you are dealing with someone for the first time. Bans are not that frequent compared to the number of frauds committed online. You should deal only with legit companies which have gathered at least 1000 legitimate feedback points on trustworthy forums. Never trade big amounts with someone you are dealing for the first time. Apply rule 'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is' , which means if someone is paying 10-20% more than anyone else, you should highly reconsider the vendor.


What other services does StakeGP offer?

We also allow people to buy OSRS Gold, RS3 Gold from us. We also offer maxed staker rentals and various in-game services like Infernal Capes, Firecapes, and Powerleveling.

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