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Have gained more than enough of Final Fantasy XIV  Gil? We are here to help you out. Sell your FFXIV Gil and items for the best rate. Keep in mind that this game has many servers available so it might take some extra time and effort to sell your Gil or gear. We only purchase items that are actively being traded on the market. 

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Selling FFXIV items or gil for real life money is a real possibility. We value our suppliers more than any of competitor and we are always willing to offer the best price on the market for your curency. Once you have sold us big value of gil or items, bonus of 1-5% will be added on top of your payment.

Safe Final Fantasy XIV Gil and item sales with StakeGP team. Active from 2016 & have collected over 4000 feedback on trustpilot and various other platforms. Do not hesitate to ask us for proof of trustworthiness.

Quick sell FFXIV gear and other wealth assets with our professional livechat staff team. Multiple agents will help you with selling your currency and desired items. Remember to trust our agents with your goods, they are the ones that will be sending you payment.

How to sell to us?

1. Select an option which FFXIV goods you would like to sell (currency, items, armor).
2. Select desired payment method for your Final Fantasy 14 gil or items.
3. Click to get a price quote and our livechat agent will join to help you sell quick currency and items for real life money.

Why sell FFXIV Gil to us?

1. We offer best price on the market.
2. We take no days off, working 24/7.
3. We support livechat help in multiple languages.
4. We keep close contact with our suppliers.
5. Quick payments for your sold goods.

What you can sell to us?

1. You can sell FFXIV main currency - Gil, items or gear and other assets.
2. You can sell Final Fantasy 14 items that belong to categories: accessories, armor, arms, materials, medicines and meals, tools and others.
Have something else for sale? Contact livechat support for help!
sell FFXIV GIL and items for the best price on the market. We are 24/7 active to buy your path of exile currency and goods.    

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