Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy Runescape Gold without getting banned? There is no 100% secure way to trade Runescape Gold without a ban, yet RS real world trade bans occur once in a while but they still exist. Jagex usually never targets buyers who actually play the game and bring their corporation money, it is the opposite side - players who massively produce runescape gold with farms running 24-7. If you are worried for your account, what you can do is to trade from a mule using "fresh" residential proxy IP, then transfering over to your main. Keep in mind that you should use freshly made accounts , which have never real world traded before. If you are using main or older account ask the gold provider to trade you in amounts of lower than 100M per trade to avoid flagged account bans, you can always accept 100M runescape gold and relog to see if your mule has been flagged and it would be banned. Avoid trading during Jagex work hours if you are super suspicous, that should reduce the chance of being banned by the slightest. Weekends should be good to go!