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Our current stock for Rs3 gold is: 4299M

About our 2007 OSRS Gold

Keep in mind that the units are measured in Millions.

This product is for Runescape 3 Gold. We offer the best prices in the market for our Runescape 3 Gold, and accept a variety of different cryptocurrencies.. Buy Cheap Runescape 3 Gold from us today! Our deliveries for Cheap Runescape 3 Gold are within minutes of ordering.

Buy Runescape 3 Gold with Paypal

Looking to buy RS3 coins for Paypal? Buying Runescape 3 Gold has never been so easy with StakeGP. First thing you need to do before ordering gold is to REGISTER, become official member of StakeGP and then continue buying RS3 GP.

Right after registering you are welcome to fill all empty fields on buy Runescape 3 money spots (Your RSN, amount of gold, coupon, payment method). Once your order has been verified through paypal, please contact our livechat by using "Chat with us" orange button.

For larger orders we have the right to ask for verification, which takes 5 minutes to complete by taking picture of ID (front, back) , adding a note which says that you buy RS3GP of website. Use phone or computer live camera to speed up process! We have made our verification system for our customers to have quick and pleasant use.

Lastly, when you have verified your identity, you are more than welcome to pick your ordered RS3 gold. Whole process to buy RS3 cash up until to receive rs3 cash can be done under 7 minutes! We are well known for fastest gold deliveries in the market. Buy Rs3 Gold cheap, fast & never worry about safety!

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Every customer of ours can receive bonus gold for reviewing us on various forums and websites. Spare your free minute reviewing our work to get bonus gold, every link counts! The more the better, enjoy your bonus gold for every reviewed link. We are able to reward you with free 30 minute use of our maxed polypore account. Buy RS3 and always leave with more than ordered, simple as that!

Will you be buying our Runescape Rs3 gold?

Please message our livechat support in the right corner and our workers will do everything to satisfy your needs when it comes to Runescape 3 GP to USD exchanges! Make sure we have enough Runescape 3 GP for Sale to satisfy your needs.

What is Runescape 3 gold?

RS3 Gold is an in-game currency used to level up your character in skills, armour and various wepons. Runescape 3 coins can be obtained by slaying monsters, leveling up skills, crafting armours and many more. Every player has money pouch which holds 2147M (max cash), another max cash stack can be held in inventory.

Can I hold more than Max Cash Stack - 2147M rs3 gold?

First of all, user can hold no more than two max cash stacks, one stack worth 2147M gold in money pouch other stack can be held in inventory. In order to have more gold than two max cash stacks, you must exchange it to shards. One summoning shard is equal to 25 gold coins. 40 Million shards are equal to 1 Billion coins. Exchanging Runescape 3 shards can be done in Pikkupstix's Summoning Shop which can be found in Taverley. F2P (free to play) RS3 users can receive unlimited amounts of gold, but can only trade a maximum of 25,000 coins. For You to trade unlimited amounts of gold in RS3, it is a must to obtain membership.

Is it safe to buy RS3 GP?

StakeGP team does everything what is in our power to reduce buying RS3 GOLD ban rates to the absolute maximum by using safe accounts to trade, obtaining gold by legal ways. With years of experience buying and runescape 3 gold selling, we have not had one report of a customer that has had their account disabled. You can count on StakeGP for safe gold and good trading pratices. We will not only save you money by giving more RS3 coins than our competitors, but we will save you a lot of time as well so you can enjoy more time playing than ordering. Always follow our directions and pay attention to instructions to avoid any possible problems, imposter scams while receiving gold.

How do I receive my RS3 gold?

After you have ordered our Runescape 3 Gold Cheap and once your checkout has been confirmed please click button "Chat with us" and our 24/7 working live chat will guide you through and meet in-game. You will be given location and traded the gold. Our estimate time of delivery is 3-5 minutes.

WARNING! We will never ask for your account or PM you in-game, please decline all these requests and continue only with our directions and recommendations.

How can I sell my RS3 gold?

When it comes to Runescape 3 Gold selling process it is very simple! Just visit our gold buying page here: Sell RS3 GOLD for desired payment method!

Buy and sell RS3 gold for listed payment methods below

Bitcoin Is the famous father of virtual crypto currencies which can be used to Buy GP RS3 gold. Can be used anonymously, one of the best payment methods for receiver. Customers can buy OSRS & RS3 Gold with no struggle, no limitations, no verification needed.

Litecoin, Ether, BTC CASH, USD Coin - just like bitcoin, can be used anonymously. Very useful to buy RS3 GP for instant delivery , especially when purchasing Runescape 3 coins in big quantities.

PayPal - RS3 gold can be purchased only under 400$ worth, identity verification process.

Skrill - No limitations when buying Rs3 gold, no verification required.

Debit Card - with Skrill account there is no verification process, no limitations.

Western Union

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