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Our current stock for Oldschool gold is: 8565.998M

How to buy OSRS Gold?

Insert amount of OSRS gold you wish to buy or equivalent amount in your desired currency. Fill information missing fields - your character name , your email address to receive order ID and further instructions on how to claim your Osrs gold purchase. Select one out of 10+ payment methods, keep in mind that crypto purchases give 8% discounts! Once you have proceeded with payment, please check your email for further instructions on how to claim bought OSRS Gold.

Can I buy osrs gold without ID verification?

Getting tired of having to provide ID, drivers license , passport when buying OSRS gold? Or maybe you just want to purchase and receive your OSRS gold fast without adding any personal information. Either way , we are here to help you out. You are able to purchase RS Gold without having to provide any sort of personal information. Buy OSRS Gold with credit card, Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, Ideal, Bancontact, Sofort, Trustly, Klarna without ID!

How do I receive my purchased Osrs Gold?

We recommend to check your email after buying OSRS Gold, if for some reason you have not received an email - contact our 24/7 working livechat. Don't forget to mention bought amount of RS Gold and payment method used. Warning! We will never ask for your account details, nor PM you in-game. Please ignore any type of such requests!

How much Osrs Gold can I buy at once?

When using other payment method than credit card, debit card or Mastercard you are able to purchase no more than 1500M osrs gold at a time. Which means that in order to get 4000M Runescape gold , you would have to make 3 seperate purchases. When it comes to buying osrs gold with Mastercard or debit card, you should purchase no more than 450M osrs gold at a time. Feel free to make multiple orders!

How much is the RS gold bonus after I buy ?

We feel moral obligation to reward our loyal customers with x amount of bonus Old School Runescape gold or even free Runescape membership after the purchase has been made. It all depends on amount you have purchased and how many orders you have made. Why x amount of bonus? We don't feel a problem to reward our customers with 30M gold bonus at some cases.

How much RS gold can you buy?

Maximal amount of gold player can hold is 2147483647 coins, 2147M osrs coin stack, which is called max cash stack. JaGex has added platinum tokens for players who have exceeded such limits. 1 platinum token is worth 1,000 GP coins. Tokens can be exchanged in the bank for OSRS Gold coins. Simply right click platinum tokens and use them on banker in order to exhange them for coins. Users can have almost unlimted amount of wealth, gold with tokens in the game. If you are being given tokens for your order, you are free to tell us you would rather get coins, we will change them for you with pleasure. You are free to buy OSRS Gold with almost any payment method - buy rs gold with PayOP but make no more than 300M osrs gold purchase at a time. Buy osrs gold with skrill gateway and other methods without verification. We don't apply any limits when purchasing by making multiple orders!

It has been almost 20 years, why do people still play OSRS?

First of all, most of us remember OSRS as it has been with us since childhood. It brings memories from old days, when you were a noob cutting trees in draynor. That feeling is called nostalgia, players back in the days can relate and bring back past memories alive once again, when they were thinking how to get home sooner just to play Old school runescape all day long. OSRS lets you travel back in time, just to remember how good were the old days. Buying OSRS Gold helps to keep the entertaining and good experiences last longer.

Do you have any deals when buying BULK RS Gold?

Yes we do! You can expect anywhere from 1-5% BONUS when buying our OSRS gold in higher quantities, we always will add FREE Bonus gold. We love to give back ! Ask us if there are any deals for wanted amount and we will try to satisfy your needs the best we can. As long as there is RS GOLD for Sale in our OSRS gold Shop there will be bonus gold give aways!

How safe it is to buy Oldschool Runescape Gold ?

We have been in OSRS Gold Shop business for more than 3 years and there has not been a single person complaining about being banned after dealing with us. Buying osrs gold risk is minimal when dealing with with our professionals. Jagex never aims at people who buy OSRS gold, their main target is rs gold farmers, read more about Runescape RWT bans HERE. When dealing with us and purchasing our osrs gold, buying ban risk is close to zero. We value our customers spent time on their accounts the most!

I have made extra RS GOLD , can I sell osrs GP for cash?

Without a doubt, StakeGP is working 24/7 and can buy your safest osrs gold at any time with best price and desired payment method! To proceed with OSRS sale please click this link to know 07 GP price - Visit StakeGP SELL OSRS GOLD PAGE

Is StakeGP competitive with OSRS Gold prices?

If you have found other site having better rates than ours, let us know! We are always willing to beat or atleast match offered oldschool runescape gold price. Don't forget we will always back you up with some bonus, while others might not!

Why is OSRS gold so expensive?

We all know that it takes a lot of time to level up your character. The greater your account stats and levels combined with done quests are the better XP and RSGP rates you get per hour . The hard work that has been put can be rewarded with either buying and upgrading your character with better armour, skilling supplies and other useful items or OSRS Gold can be sold for cash. Osrs gold price remains high because new player base who just started fresh out of tutorial island can't start making millions instantly. There are months of dedicaiton in training your stats, so new players would rather buy RS Gold 07 to avoid rough start. So since not every player can farm gold sufficently and there is higher demand for gold than it is to sell, OSRS gold will keep its "high value" as a in-game currency.

Looking to buy OSRS Gold for BTC?

OSRS to Bitcoin procedure is simple. Either contact our livechat or proceed with payment system automatically. We have no MIN. Purchase ,which means even if you wish to buy 1M OSRS Gold, we are happy to deliver that for you after successful checkout. Maximal 2007 GP purchase can be up to the amount where it says "our current stock for oldschool gold is". Buy Runecape GP Bitcoin and receive rewards for being StakeGP loyal customer.

Buy osrs gold via mobile

You no longer need to bother ordering gold from other devices than your mobile phone to play Old School Runescape in 2020. All you need is a smartphone and battery charger. StakeGP is mobile friendly website, order from your mobile phone and receive your RS 07 gold under 5 minutes. Open livechat when you have order ID with you!

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