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Zulrah starter! 92 Ranged, 61 Defence, 77 Magic!

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How does the OSRS account purchase work?

We have over 10 payment methods available for you to purchase our OSRS account, however When you have selected your payment method and have successfully checked out to buy runescape account 07, all what is left to do - contact livechat agent using button on the right corner to inform us. Your account details will be delivered using livechat. Please set email before you login to your account. This is a strict rule to follow.

Can I buy OSRS account with Runescape gold?

If you wish to buy osrs account with gold either Old school Runescape or Rs3 coins, you are more than welcome to do so. Please notify us using livechat icon about your desired account and which in-game currency you would like to proceed with, from there we will guide you further.

Is buying Old school Runescape account safe?

We have sold over 100 osrs accounts, we strongly guarantee that there has not been a single case of customer being banned after buying account of ours, however buying an account is against Jagex rules.

List of account builds we have available on StakeGP

⦁ OSRS Zerkers with barrows gloves

⦁ OSRS Pures with 40, 50 , 60 , 75 attack

⦁ OSRS Obby maulers with 1 attack and 99 strength

⦁ OSRS Zulrah ready accounts

⦁ OSRS Pures with High Strength and Ranged levels

⦁ OSRS 99 Ranged Pures with 1 Defence

⦁ OSRS Max melee mains 99/99/99/99 (staking accounts)

⦁ OSRS Skillers

⦁ Various main accounts with high total and 100 Quest points plus

⦁ RS3 Polypore staking accounts