About Us

Welcome to About us page, you can read here about StakeGP journey and more about owner.

Runescape and WoW Classic has been my life, these games provided me something that real life could not. I was unconciously seeking for self improvement from the very early age of about 5 years old, better - faster - stronger was my Ego motto which lead to hormone filled teenage years. Gaming was my psychiatrist which held me sane and at the same time far away from harsh reality, I could be closed alone at room and play Runescape for 24 hours without a thought of leaving my room to go for a drink. Things started changing when I had to take care of myself form the age of 16, Runescape was all I knew at a time. The main idea was to transcend my suffering into work and business, gaming solutions was one of the idea to support people by cheapest digital goods on the market and by this day we are still improving and trying to reach out to more and more people.

Countless hours of gaming experience gave us all the required knowledge on how to operate and deliver digital goods that our people would love the service.