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Welcome to StakeGP. One of the most trusted gold shop providing both - Cheap OSRS GOLD & RS3 Gold!The quickest, constantly offering the best price and outstanding offers with most professional delivery service of your Cheap OSRS Gold. Our 24/7 working livechat will find solution to any problem of yours when it comes to Old school Runescape Gold buying , selling and swapping! Keep in mind that we always remain in stock and prepared with Runescape Gold for sale.

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So first of all, in order to buy Old School Runescape Gold you must order in millions. This product is for players who are looking to enjoy their time being in Runescape while being wealthy. As you can see , there is an option to insert your desired amount of gold, runescape character name and your email in home page directly, which will redirect to checkout page right after you clicked buy button.

If you are on the home page, please select your desired game. We have first option for those who are interested in buying OSRS GP and second for RS3 Gold fans.

Now simply adjust the amount and finish the process of Runescape Gold to USD calculator exchange you can use other 4 currencies we have available.

When you have inserted your Runescape character name and email, please click "Buy Now" button, this will lead you to the last page of selecting payment method and submitting payment.

Select your desired payment method and once you have checked out, you will be given Runescape gold order number. Please provide this number to livechat and follow further instructions on how to claim your RS07 Gold.


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How long will I have to wait for my Old School RS Gold after sending the payment?

After your order has been verified by our staff we will deliver the gold under 5 minutes. Feel free to contact the Live Chat support before placing your order to check that we are online. If your order is not completed within 30 minutes, we can refund you if you like. Our cheap Runescape gold is worth the wait. If it takes longer than 10 minutes we automatically reward with bonus OSRS GP on top of your Cheap osrs gold order.

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StakeGP guarantees cheap OSRS GP in 2020 for cryptocurrency purchases, we are the leading best osrs gold price site! Have found other site having OSRS Gold for Sale or RS3 gold for sale which is cheaper than ours? Let us know, we are willing to beat offered Old School Runescape Gold or Rs3 gold price at any time if Your desired payment method is bitcoins or skrill, ideal, bancontact. We are the number one trending for both - best price Old school runescape and RS3 gold for sale having website. We will not only beat prices for buying cheap runescape gold, but StakeGP will be quicker and will make sure buying osrs gold process is safe and secure, our experience and trustworthy feedback speaks for itself.

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Sell osrs gold for real life money , we are willing to offer several payment methods for your OSRS GP. Bitcoins, paypal, skrill. Why are we the best place to sell osrs or RS3 gold? We are reputable sellers have been for over 3 years in Runescape Market. We are able to purchase more than 10,000$ worth of Runescape gold per single payment, It is simply not worth the risk selling to unknown websites and hoping to get "too good to be true" offer. Let the professionals to deal with your gold and send you payment with any possible fees covered.

Which payment options are available?

StakeGP is accepting more than 10 payment methods. Buy your desired Runescape or WoW classic currency with your favourite payment method.

✔ Visa, Credit card or Mastercard.

It is easy to checkout using PayOP payment to buy your wanted goods, try not to exceed 200$ purchase per payment, feel free to make more than one purchase.

✔ Skrill.

It has been established in 2001, trustowrthy company with one of the lowest fees of payment processors, Can be made no more than 1000$ purchase per payment, feel free to make more than one purchase.

✔ Bancontact.

✔ Trustly

✔ Bank Transfer

✔ Paysafecard

✔ iDeal

✔ Sofort Banking

✔ Nordea

✔ Klarna

✔ Bitcoin

Virtual crypto currency, with lowest possible fees. When purchasing Runescape gold with bitcoin you get -8% off.

Payments can be completed in 5 different currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD. Large variety of payment methods connected with many currencies distribute oppertunity to buy cheapest RS gold from from all around the world.

How long will I have to wait for my RS Gold after sending the payment?

After your order has been verified by our staff we will deliver the gold instantly. Feel free to contact the Live Chat support before placing your order to check that we are online and have gold in stock. If your order is not completed within 24 hours we will refund you in full.

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You have come to the right place if you are wondering how to sell RuneScape GOLD, simply follow these steps in order to receive cash within your desired payment method!

Go to SELL OSRS/ RS3 GOLD select gold you currently have for sale ( OSRS or RS3 ) , insert amount you wish to sell and desired payment method.

By clicking start chat button you will be redirected directly to active livechat agent who will help you proceed with selling Gold to StakeGP for your desired payment method

Login to the game you have ingame currency - coins and trade the gold to us at given location.

After providing us with OSRS or RS3 goods, we will send money directly to you, please be patient as this might take only 2 - 5 minutes!

What is Runescape Gold?

Runescape Gold is currency used to purchase ingame items, weapons, gear, skilling supplies, we offer you to skip the booring part of making money and go straight to the fun part of Runescape! New players struggle to make money, only high tier players can obtain gold easier by killing top bosses such as Corporeal Beast, Zulrah, Revenants, Raids.

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StakeGP deals with cryptocurrency payments and only we offer best possible rates when it comes to selling osrs gold for BTC and buying osrs for Bitcoin. You can get amazing deal for selling and buying bulk osrs gold. OSRS and Bitcoin is a very sweet combination which attracts StakeGP team attention right away. Get yourself best rate when it comes to OSRS GP to Bitcoin, don't worry about transaction fees because we will always cover!

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